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1997 Benzina Manuale Trazione posteriore 2 km
€ 4,500 EUR
Id: 308
Condition: Restaurata
Mileage: 2 km
Fuel: Benzina
Exterior Color: Rosso
Transmission: Manuale
Drive: Trazione posteriore
Condizioni della carrozzeria : 100%
Condizioni della meccanica: 100%
Condizioni del motore: 100%
Condizione dell'impianto elettrico: 100%
More unique than rare, Kawasaki ER-5 zero miles! Routes only 2.6 km for pre-delivery testing. Emptied of liquids, without batteries and stored in a private collection. Great exhibit object or with a simple coupon of normal administration + the periodic revsion (which of course has never been performed), can be put back on the road. The Kawasaki ER-5 can be registered as F.M.I. It has a 498 cc DOHC twin cylinder engine. based on the project used in the Kawasaki GPZ 500 S and in the KLE, able to develop, in this first version, about 51 hp, or 37 kW of power (10 less than the sporty GPZ500s but with more torque at low revs). The maximum speed is around 180 km / h, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 ". It is one of the motorcycles favored by driving schools throughout Europe due to its relatively low maintenance costs and because it is generally considered simpler for beginners. The engine is derived from what in the eighties equipped the custom LTD 450 motorcycle and more recently the GPZ500S sports car From the road tests carried out by the magazines of the sector it appears that on the ER-5 you feel at ease from the first meters, the engine is always ready from the lowest rpm, the seat is comfortable and ensures excellent mastery of the vehicle. The 110 to the front and 130 to the rear tires provide excellent agility, even if those who are used to the 160 or 180 tires will feel almost "pulled down" once in the corners. The suspension department has a classic telescopic fork with traditional 37 mm stems that is convenient for tourist use, a little soft when you give gas or in emergency braking, the double rear shock is always up to the situation and adjusting the preload can be adapted to all driving situations. The brakes are discs on the front and drum on the back. The Kawasaki ER-5 is Euro 2 approved and weighs about 180 kg.
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Name: KeithdrypeSZ Divisione Classic

Username: Keithdrype

Phone: 3388890387

CellPhone: 3388890387

Email: protopenkom@gmail.com

Country: Italia

State: Lombardia

Street: Via Valcamonica 12/c

ZIP Code: 25127

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